Wrapping up the Spring term, and looking forward to the Fall

We had a great term with Marian’s 3rd graders at Salmon Bay Elementary. The focus for the Spring was “performance”, putting some of the creative and technical skills we’ve been working with to practical use. The kids performed for each other as well as for the rest of their class, for Sally’s kindergarteners, and at the Friday Morning Sing. And acting on an inspiration from one of the kids in the class, we paraded down to the school office and performed for the Principle and the office staff. Last Friday we wrapped things up with an appearance at the annual talent show. The kids were incredible, and we all left with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Now off for the summer, but we are not standing still. Plans are in the works for weekly kids guitar circles at First Place School beginning in September. A number of classes are on the table for Salmon Bay. An after school enrichment class will be on the calendar for Thornton Creek Elementary, and very shortly we will be announcing another after school class that will take place at the Seattle Creative Arts Center in Ballard.

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