In strange and uncertain times, sometimes a reasonable person might despair.
But hope is unreasonable, and children a hope for the future.

This initiative is based in 25 years’ experience of Guitar Craft courses, held on four continents for students mostly above the age of eighteen. Guitar Craft seminars have provided opportunities to develop personal discipline and facility on the guitar while fostering musicality mainly within a context of playing with others.

Music is primarily a social act, and Guitar Craft training has taken place within the Guitar Circle. This provides opportunities for developing social skills, problem solving, reliability & responsibility, and cultivating the personal initiative in front of challenges at whatever level the student is able to honorably respond; all within a supportive & encouraging environment.

Fun, play, spontaneity and improvisation are as necessary in the development of any discipline as its considered practices and exercises.

Many Guitar Craft students of some years experience are now parents. How to make available to their children, and the children of others, the approach that we have found so valuable in our own ongoing education?

Music reaches beyond words & between cultures. Music enables us to communicate and express ourselves when words fail. Music moves us by speaking to us directly & immediately, in ways that elude easy explanation but are no less real for that. Music is as available to us as we are available to music.

–Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp is the founder of Guitar Craft, the Patron of Seattle Circle Guitar School and Shallal Dance Theatre in Penzance, England, and was President of The American Society For Continuous Education when the first Guitar Craft courses were held. He is probably best known as a founding & continuing member of King Crimson, collaborator & contributor to work by Brian Eno, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel & Daryl Hall amongst others.

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